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RTV 3303-001 Spring 2010  Thursday, April 29 FINAL EXAM  (*)


NAME: _________________________________________________________


1.              Explain why movies of the late 1920’s often presented more realistic and uncensored comedy and drama than films of the 1930’s and ‘40’s.   Give an example.   (20 points).

2.              Describe at least one European influence on American narrative filmmaking.  Give an example. (20 points).

3.              Discuss one example of a movie being made from an existing literary source. (20 points).

4.              List your Top 10 Favorite movies and include at least one sentence about each selection explaining why the film made your list. (20 points).

5.              Describe ON-CAMERA your RTV 3303 “History of Moving Images and Narrative Motion Pictures” experience and make any suggestions about how you think the course might be improved.  You may ad lib or read a prepared statement.  Everyone will get full credit for this question simply for participating in the exercise of using moving images to learn about moving images. (20 points).


(*) Counts for 20% of Final Grade..  Exam questions and answers to be submitted electronically (preferably as Word Document) by end of class on April 29th.  Please use your last name as a part of your file name—e.g. jonesRTV3303final.docx.  Email as an attachment to