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Text Box: July 1, 1963—a Monday—was my first official day at work as a photographer’s assistant at KAIT-TV, which was conveniently located about a mile from my home on Highway 141.



July 8, 1963 Jonesboro SUN




July 15, 1963 Jonesboro SUN


KAIT-TV Photographer/reporter JESS YOUNG (later Dr. Jess Young) hired me as his assistant in the KAIT-TV darkroom (still photos only).



KAIT-TV News photographer PAUL BATEMAN introduced me to 16mm filmmaking at a professional level. This is a Polaroid print that didn’t quite get “fixed” properly.



LARRY McADAMS was a veteran radio announcer when he came to work at KAIT-TV, where—among many other assignments—he hosted the Saturday DANCE PARTY I directed prior to CHANNEL 8 ‘RASSLIN’.  (Note used—very used—image orthicon black-and-white camera(s) we used to replace the industrial vidicon cameras with which we signed on.  Can’t blame Polaroid for this photo, which I shot and processed.  I was a much better shooter and director than I was darkroom jockey. J



Speaking of wrestling (‘rasslin’), here is a shot of me and the portable ring the promoter would set up in the studio each Saturday.


In the KAIT-TV office, which had Dr. Pepper machine and teletype machines but no water cooler.  Note the fashionable and flattering neckties.  What can I say?  I was a teenager trying to look older. J


Directing newscasts one-man-band style “back in the day” was an experience I can’t forget.  (I’d like to forget it, but I can’t. J


In my “art director” mode cutting out a large “8” for—as best I recall—an upcoming telethon.  (And, no, I was not cutting my own hair back in those days.   It just looks as though I were. J


While in my first graduate school at the University of Illinois, I wrote of my experience in the early days of KAIT-TV.   A link to the article is here.  A link to an unpublished update article is here.






The Arkansas Society for Cinema & Television Production is my non-profit educational  corporation.  It’s for when I’m too old to cut the mustard in the commercial filmmaking world.  Pick out your favorite documentary topic and plan your tax-deductible donations now. J

Jones Productions/Jones Film Video is the production company MARLENE LAMAR and I started—along with SEAN HARPER—in 1981.  Marlene now operates Jones Mobile Television (www.jmtv.com) .  I sold JFV to CJRW in 2006, but remain as President and resident “grandpa.” JFV is the oldest, full-service motion picture and television production company in Arkansas, and one of the oldest in the region—and it all started by emptying trash cans and doing darkroom chores at KAIT-TV starting July 1, 1963.

Thanks for the opportunity and the memories.


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