Discussion Rubric


30 points.  You are required to make one posting based on the assigned material that discusses the question or questions stated. Use of evidence to support your position is imperative for a good grade. 3 paragraphs are required minimum for the main post.


 Then you must respond to at least 2 postings by another person or persons.  The response cannot simply say “I agree” or “I disagree.”  Your posting should indicate that you understand that person’s point of view then give your own opinion. For maximum points, you should justify your opinion with evidence from the readings.





An understanding of topic and source material was well expressed

Good concise statement(s) that explain(s) the type(s) of sources. This should be a well-crafted paragraph that fully identifies the source(s).

5 Points

Seems to get the overall idea of what type of source it was, but has some problems with expressing this.




3-4 Points

Attempted to explain the type of source, but missed the point.







0-2 Points

Opinion was included in response.


Well articulated opinion that is directly responsive to the question asked offered; grammar excellent


5 Points

Opinion offered that is responsive to the question asked; however some problems in expressing this.


3-4 Points

Opinion offered, but either not responsive to question, or very badly expressed




0-2 Points

Evidence offered to support opinion

Direct evidence from the primary sources offered to support opinion; well expressed.

5 Points

Evidence offered, but either is not on point or has some grammatical problems

3-4 Points

No evidence offered or evidence offered is inappropriate for argument; serious grammar problems.

0-2 Points

Connection made to place this topic in an appropriate place in history or to other events we have studied.

Connection is logical and well stated, offering substantial evidence.

5 Points

Connection is made, but weak and not supported by evidence.


3 Points

No connection is attempted at all.




0-2 Points

Responses to other Posting


2 well-expressed responses to other postings.




4-5 Points each

Responded to other postings, but simply agreed/ disagreed with the person and offered no comment.

1-2 Points

Did not respond






0 points

Grammatical problems

No more than 1-2 errors in all postings

1-2 points deducted

3-4 errors in postings

3 Points deducted

5 or more errors


5-7 points deducted