Jonesboro (AR) High School

Class of 1964



Ernest WESLEY Miller

(December 5, 1946 – July 31, 2009)










Below is a quick translation (courtesy of some multi-lingual co-workers) of an email from Wesley’s widow, who apparently speaks little English.  I have included the original Spanish for those of you who understand that language and have the ability to come up with a better interpretation:


“Hi Gary...thank  you.


Wes was my husband, and I also miss him. I want to share something. If he has friends in Arkansas that will miss him, I want you to tell them that he always loved all of this friends.


He never talked ill of anyone...his love was unconditional.


He died, peacefully... And I believe happy...His desire, was carried out, as he returned again to this country that he loves with all his heart. He was happy, sharing with me and his dog Nino...the happy spirit that he always embodied, until the last moment, he enjoyed.


I learned from him ... many things...He was a husband that always gave me my place ...[center, home, foundation]


Writing this allows me to release many feelings that I had trapped inside.


My husband, nice and sweet, that I will never forget... Lito, that is how he was called.


Again, Thank you,


Esperanza Miller




Hola  Gary...gracias.

Wes, era  mi esposo, yo tambien le extrano.Quiero compartir en  Arkansas, le extranaran  amigos...quiero que les  diga , que el.....amo siempre   a  todos  sus amigos.

Nunca hablo de AMOr era incondicional.

Murio, tranquilo...y creo que feliz...Su deseo, fue  cumplido, al haber regresado de  nuevo a este  pais  que amo, con todo  su corazon....estuvo  feliz, compartiendo  con migo y con su   su  perro espritu  alegre  siempre  lo caraterizo, hasta el ultimo  momento, que  disfruto..

Aprendi de el....muchas  cosas..fui un esposo, que siempre   me dio mi lugar...

Al escribir esta, doy tambien rienda  suelta  a  muchos  sentimientos que tenia  atrapados.

 mi esposo, lindo y  dulce...que  nunca  olvidare...Lito aSI..LE DECIA


De  nuevo...gracias.,


Esperanza Miller