For Discussion:

Arkansas Ducati Club (ADC)

or Ducati Riders of Arkansas (DRA)

or DESMO Owners Club of Arkansas (DOCA)

but not Ducati Owners of Arkansas (DOA)






The world of DOCs (Desmo Owners Clubs) is the most fulfilling way in which to enjoy the excitement you get from your Ducati. Through the official clubs you'll meet people who share your Desmodromic passion and rest assured that wherever in the world your journey takes you, there'll always be a friend on hand to welcome you.

Since the year 2000 the number of clubs has been increasing steadily, reaching the 200 mark in 2007, and the community continues to grow. 


DOC members get special treatment at all Ducati events and can benefit from exclusive viewings during company and museum tours. As a Ducati club member you can also take part in all the club's organised events, such as bike meetings, track days, trips and lots more. 

Find the club nearest you here on the website, get in touch and join them. And if there isn't a DOC club in your area yet, why not set one up yourself?


Any group that aims to promote enthusiasm for the world of Ducati can become a part of the DOC programme. There is no minimum or maximum number of members for a club. 


When you've got together and formed a club, email us at club@ducati.com with your membership request which must include:

      Club name

      Name and contact details of the club representative for Ducati

      Club address

      Club website

      Number of members

      Foreseen activities

      Ducati Store or Dealer involved

      Club charter

Your request will be evaluated and, if accepted, you'll be sent a User ID and Password to access the FPO (For Presidents Only) area. Here you can access the form you'll need to register for official membership and the full regulations and privacy statement. 


When you've filled in the registration form, print and sign the acceptance of regulations statement and send it to Clubs Department, Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. via Antonio Cavalieri Ducati 3, 40132 Bologna.


You'll be granted full access to the FPO area as soon as the DOC department receives your form. In this area you can find the archive of announcements, forms for taking part in DOC events, logos and images for your website and your events, a list of contacts of all the official Ducati clubs and a forum where you can share your ideas and take part in debates with other presidents. You can also use the FPO area to enter events to be publicised on the www.ducaticlubs.com website. A variety of other functions are currently being set up and we'll let you know as soon as they're available. 


Suggestions for setting up a new Ducati Official Club: 

      First of all check ducaticlubs.com to see if there is already a club in your zone. If so, join them.

      Find out the legal situation in your country regarding the set up of clubs or associations.

      Make sure you comply with privacy laws.

      If there isn't a club in your area, contact the local dealer and tell him your plan. Through the dealer you can get to know other Ducati owners and share your passion.

      Choose a name for the club, create a logo, set up an email account and a website for the club where info can be accessed.

      Delegate tasks to members and form a board of directors to share official roles.

      Appoint a club president and establish a headquarters or at least decide on the venue where club meetings will take place.

      Contact local Ducati owners, invite them to join the club and ask for ideas for improvements.

      Involve the local Ducati Store or Dealer in promoting the club's activities.

What are you waiting for?

Become a member of Ducati World!





If your club was already registered in 2008 please enter in the president reserved area using your credentials, fill the form and download the DOC regulation document and the privacy statement.

To join the 2009 DOC program be sure to send back these documents signed by the president.

We need to receive them back as original to validate your registration and to open the whole functions of the new president only area.


Important: 2009 DOC Club renew procedure


Fill the on-line form inside the new For President Only section of www.ducaticlubs.com.

Then send to Ducati Motor Holding spa Via Ducati 3 40132 Bologna (Italy) the following papers by (snail) mail:

      2 COPIES of DOC 2009 regulation filled and signed for acceptance by the club president (PDF file in the renwal form page in FPO)

      Copy of the Identity card (in EU) or Driving Licence/Passport.

      Designation Form For the processing of personal data (Pdf File in the renewal form page in FPO)

ONLY After receiving the papers we will unlock the additional part of the FPO with all its functionalities.